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A commonly asked question is do I have enough to
retire?  A solid retirement plan will answer that
question, as well as tell you where the income will
come from and what you will do for cash for
unexpected events.  At Alodium Financial Group we will
also work with you to ensure you have an appropriate
investment mix that you feel comfortable with, and will
work to structure your affairs in a way that minimizes
the income tax you will be required to pay.
Alodium Staff
Scott S. O'Donnell, BCS, CFP - Financial Planner
Emily Murphy, CLU, RHS - Financial Planner
Sue Joyce - Marketing Assistant

Here is just a small sample of what we are
able to do for you...
If you are juggling life, a family,
paying down debt and buying a
house and are trying to figure out
how much you need to save to meet
your retirement goals visit a sample
plan of our
retirement savings
Contact us:
(506) 863-0580
(800) 994-5155
If you are nearing retirement or have
already started retirement and you
are wondering what sort of an
income your investments will allow
you to generate a visit to our sample
retirement income and analysis plan
will serve as a basis for what we can
do for you.

Retirement Planning
Alodium Financial Group