Alodium Financial Group’s origins go back to 1974 when
Victor Colpitts joined Manulife Financial as a life insurance
agent. To Address the changing business and tax
environment he and his wife Beverly incorporated their
business as Victor Colpitts Insurance Services Inc. in 1988.

Linda Richards joined Victor and Beverly as a partner in
1992.  The firm expanded again in 1994 when Emily
Murphy became a partner, adding her clientele to those
already being serviced by the firm.

In January 1998 the firm was reorganized to allow for
improved customer service and a broader selection of
financial planning options.  At that time the firm’s name
was changed to Alodium Financial Group Inc.  

In January of 1999 Linda Richards retired from the firm and
Emily Murphy and John Patterson operated the firm until
December 2009 when Alodium Financial Group Inc.merged with
Charles W. Read & Associates Ltd, a similar firm of financial planners
based in Fredericton and Moncton, NB as well as in Syndey, NS.
This transition allowed for the retirement of John Patterson
and the addition of Scott O'Donnell of Read & Associates to
take over in the Moncton area.
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