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Comprehensive Financial Planning
A comprehensive financial plan allows clients to create
wealth, protect that wealth over the long term and gives them
the financial independence to enjoy their success. Here at
Alodium Financial Group we work with our clients to
determine short and long term goals, as well as personal
preferences about achieving them.  Recommendations for
realizing these goals are presented to clients, and if
accepted, we ensure that the plan is implemented.
Alodium Staff
Scott S. O'Donnell, BCS, CFP - Financial Planner
Emily Murphy, CLU, RHS - Financial Planner
Sue Joyce - Marketing Assistant

Our Mission
We help our clients achieve and maintain financial
security and independence by providing quality,
innovative and competitive financial products and
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Main services we provide:
Retirement Planning
Financial Planning
Estate Planning
Investment Strategies
Tax Strategies
Group Benefits
Life Insurance

Alodium Financial Group